A Whale of a Tail
The whale tail and water washing from it were added to the morning shot. The original whale tail was taken in overcast, mid-day light. The color temperature was altered to blend it with the morning temperature. The most difficult part of course was eliminating the original ocean water from around the tail and leaving the streams of water intact. Yo!
Moonrise over Twillingate, Newfoundland
It's amazing how a photograph comes to be in the middle of a strange town when one has to pee so badly, but....with nowhere to go and civilization all around, one doesn't want to get arrested! The shot that lay before me had to be taken as I tried desperately to mount the camera on the tripod. I simply rattled off a couple of exposures and to my dismay they were blurred (somewhat expected). Photoshop to the rescue to create something alternative. And, yes, I found a corner to hide and pee ;)
The Book of Light
This photograph consisted initially of the bible and interior of the small rural church that I came across in the middle of nowhere, unlocked and empty. I'd taken the image and concentrated on the book but at the same time rolled the perspective to the left, throwing the architectural lines off, vertically. In photoshop I corrected it and also found a few good tutorials on sunbursts, which I added, and added some color to the blown out highlights of the windows.
Through the Storm 
The bright outside light caused blown out highlights in the stained glass window. An image of the raging ocean storm was added behind the Christ and Child.
The Front Porch Light and the Moon 
This old house is composed of 3 layers: The background hills with the moon, the light on the corner of the porch, and the ray from the light. Maybe I'll add an old lady looking out the door...and a cat sitting on the front bridge.
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